To Be Perfect - A Nurse's Nightmare

As a nursing student, you hear your professors say that each one of you should strive hard for perfection. As a registered nurse you are expected to handle difficult situations perfectly. This can be a stressful thing to any registered nurse. The nursing profession is already a stressful environment as it is. There are patients to worry about, reports to finish and colleagues to get along with. Thinking that you can be perfect in every aspect of the nursing profession can be too much. Perfection is a myth. If registered nurses are perfect, then they are robots not human beings.

It is a Myth

Perfection is a myth. There is nothing perfect in this world except of course nature. But other than that we all have flaws. These what makes each of use unique and different. So celebrate these flaws instead of forcing yourself to be a perfect human being let alone a perfect nurse.

There Are Things Beyond Your Control

We cannot always be in control of every situation. There will be times that it we really have to realize that there are some things that can be out of our hands like time, nature and other people. We cannot control these variables therefore they can be a source why we cannot do things perfectly.

Procrastinate Not

The more we delay the inevitable the harder it becomes. When we have to do something even if it is sometimes unpleasant then we need to face it head on. Procrastinating and delaying it may not have a favorable result. The best thing to do is to get it out of the way and deal with it as soon as possible.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is said that the hardest critic is ourselves. Even if other people are already heaping praises at us, we still find think of ways on how to put ourselves down. Some people will still think that they could have done more or better. Be kind to yourself. When you do something good, give yourself a pat in the back. When something goes wrong then console yourself. Learn from the mistake and move on. Thinking about a wrong cannot make it right.

There is nothing wrong when you want to aspire to be perfect. You just have to keep in mind that we are not perfect. There will be flaws, situations we cannot control and events that simply happen without any help from us.