Why Choose An Eco-Friendly Home?

By: Jashan Db Singh

As people are constantly recognizing the atrocious effects of pollution and global warming, the concept of "green living" is rising in popularity like never before. In order to become more eco-conscious and have a healthy future, a lot of people are willing to make necessary changes in their current lifestyle. Opting for green homes is one of the things gaining great attention, among those who wish to go green. The beautiful eco-friendly homes not only help you to do your bit towards the environment but also offer a number of financial and health benefits. If you are still confused, then read on to know why you should choose an eco-friendly home over a traditional house -

* Reduced utility bills - Reduction in the utility bills, like electricity and water, is perhaps the most noticeable difference that you would see after living in a green home. Today, the skyrocketing utility bills are something that every homeowner is fed up with. An environment friendly home is, thus, a ray of hope for them to deal with this issue.

* Effective temperature control - Each and every room in a green home is insulated properly using recycled materials, so as to keep temperature levels under control. In a properly insulated house, air conditioners consume lesser energy to cool the house. Likewise, insulation also traps heat during the winters and thus helps electric or gas heaters to run efficiently. This impacts the utility bills directly and eventually saves the homeowner lots of dollars every year.

* Improved air quality - Eco-friendly homes block and counter air impurities, which can easily enter homes. The HVAC designs in these houses are adequately equipped with excellent ventilation, air filtration and heating for all the rooms, especially the ones that are isolated, such as kitchen. Besides, the building materials used to construct these homes have very low or no emission ratings. It again translates to improved air quality. Most of the traditional building and construction materials emit harmful toxic gases. However, eco-friendly homes completely avoid them, as these hazardous gases can be quite damaging to human health.

* Waste reduction - Green homes actively seek to reduce wastage of water, as well as other materials that are used during the construction process. Water is one of the basic needs of human beings. Apart from consumption, it is required for many household purposes, such as gardening, cleaning etc. To reduce dependency on wastewater treatment plants, eco-friendly houses utilize waste water for washing cars or irrigating the gardens. In fact, many of these homes are equipped with a rainwater collector, which is used for collecting rain water so that it can be used for other domestic chores.

In brief, an eco-friendly home is a healthy house, which can save its occupants hundreds of dollars every month. Probably, this is the reason why it is gradually developing into an admired trend. Today, growing number of people are choosing such homes as their residences. So, if you are planning to buy a house soon, then make sure to choose an eco-friendly home to capitalize on its numerous financial and health benefits.