Living The Alpha Male Life - That's What You Got To Do!

Like it or not, the world that we live in has become way too over effeminate. Obviously, it's bound to get a man get down on himself. Feeling down right low is different, but having to get down within the dating marketing place is a whole other depressive story, right men? Be it stupid rituals, or pointless fashion, hoop jumping, political correctness, an existence that is approved only by an 8-to-6-corporate-PR or perhaps even so-called modern-day politeness - it looks as if the world at times focuses on getting us men down!

But, You Are Alpha Male Stock, So Buck Up!

Give it a logical thought, get those brain juices flowing, let your Alpha male lineage take over, because you need to acknowledge that you descend from a long line of Alpha males. These were extraordinary, action oriented men, who were leaders, who were at the top of their pack. Back in the days, no one but the Alpha males had the right to breed; it was them that ruled. It's just been the last couple thousands of years that all these social norms and marriage issues have come into existence in order to even things out a bit, however, all the millions of years before them, it was you, the alpha male that was produced by the smartest and the strongest of the pack. Well, of course, that doesn't leave out the fact that there might have been a few, sneaky and slimy betas around that might have sneaked their ways into the pants of all those ladies, but well, there are always exceptions in life. They were nothing but a minority; whereas you are the descendant of the strongest, meanest, nastiest and most powerful 'bad asses' of the times! Every single one of them, all those ultimate Alpha males succeeded in evolutionary battles. That yucky beta male genes, those followers, they just got dropped down along the sides; those nasty pigs!

The Alpha Male Dating Life
If you've been blaming your genes for your bad, unhappy and unsatisfactory dating life, you have got to stop right away! Never, I repeat, you must never utter things like "I'm too short", "I'm too tall", "I'm too ugly", "I'm too simple", "I'm too whatever". Think of this, did all these physiological aspects stop your daring and powerful ancestors? It didn't, right? So, why should it stop you? It shouldn't!

There would always remain the fact that you have received your genes from only the best. They come from only the most action oriented, most worthy and go getting Alpha males! Give your history a good luck and you would get an amazing past filled with more than 6.5 million years of success with the best, the most beautiful and sinfully gorgeous women! No matter how bad things get, there's just no overlooking the fact that however adverse or terrifying the entire dating situation got, every single ancestor of yours fought the odds and overcame them - they didn't give up, they didn't play the blame game. Every single element of your being is ingrained with these alpha male qualities - there's no running away from it, there's no helping it, so don't even try to make an escape!

Let the animal inside you take over
Yes, that's true. Deep inside, you are nothing but an animal. That too, an animal that is built and meant to breed. And if you have any doubts about having been built for it, God are you wrong or what! Believe it - you are built to perfection for breeding! That's what you're supposed to do!

Don't Let the Civil Society Numb You Down!
The civil society is making and will continue to make horrid attempts to numb you down. Rather than going to battle, you are made to go to football games, where you just get to scream and shout - where did smelling the turf go? Rather than hunting packs we get to sit cornered in the corporate world, slaving away on computers and files with our wives giving us head once a month as if it's a mere ritual! But, dear fellow Alpha males; do not lose faith. Even if our battle field has changed, even if we are more enclosed, we need to be understanding, intelligent and courageous. If you numb down, you will be disrespecting your amazing lineage, you will be disappointing our strong and powerful alpha male history! Instead of just getting lost in this outrageous world, be brave - be the Alpha male that you truly are meant to be!

And while you are at it, don't you dare blame your genes - they are meant to succeed!