I Have Air Bubbles In My Pool, Help!

By: Brad R King

Help! I have air bubbles in my pool.

Have you recently opened your pool up and noticed air bubbles coming out of the jets. This is a common problem, and is usually brought about by one of three things.

This problem only means one thing, that air is getting sucked into your pump. In order to understand the problem, you will first need to understand how your pump works. Your pump has a suction side, and a distribution side. The suction side is where water comes in from.

Here there's typically a connection from your main drain and your pool that T's off and goes into your pump. This water is then sent from your pump, through your filter and distributed back into the pool. Air bubbles mean that air has been drawn into the pump on the suction side.

The first and easiest thing to check is your water level. There are four screws on your skimmer, and you water level should be in the center, or about halfway between the second and third screws. With a water level too low, the skimmer can suck air into it and cause problems.

Second, you should check your drain basket cover. Air can get sucked in if it isn't sealed tight.

And last but not least, you need to check the union between your pipes and your pump. You will have to open the union and see where the o-ring is, if it's still there. The o-ring should be sitting inside of a little groove meant to contain the air. If it's out of place put it back in the groove. If it's missing or damaged, then it will need to be replaced or it will continue to pull in air.

While these are the three main reasons, you could also have a problem with the o-rings in the suction valve or the chlorinator.

Nine out of ten times it will be one of these problems. If, however, you have checked everything out and still can't fix the problem, then you will need professional assistance from someone who can come and run diagnostics to help you isolate the problem.

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