A Small Guide In Getting Back Together Again

Okay, so the two of you split up. There are lots of reasons for your break up. You grew apart, you had too many quarrels, he or she cheated on you, things didn't work out anymore.

Whatever the reason, it's okay if you can put this chapter of your life behind you and move on. But sometimes you just can't go on without your ex lover. Although you split up, you still love your ex lover and want him or her back in your life. And here's some news; you CAN get back together again!

I'm here to tell you that it IS possible to rekindle your love. I've been there and went through a lot of pain when my ex lover and I broke up. I did everything possible to get back together, but I didn't realize that my methods were simply not working. When I let go and decided to do things differently, I noticed a positive change. We slowly started dating again and this year we celebrate our 10 years anniversary.

So if you also want to get back together with your ex lover and tried everything, than this article might change your life! It's about small steps you can take, a guide you can use to get back together with your ex lover.

Just realize that it takes time for wounds to heal. Use this time for yourself to love yourself and enjoy life again, without him or her. You can do it! You see, there is nothing more frustrating for an ex lover, to see that you NEED them in your life and that your life means nothing without them. So learn to love yourself and your life again and give your ex lover the most important thing of all:


Space is crucial for the reversal of your break up. You HAVE to give your ex lover space and time to process the break up. Give yourself and your ex lover time to let things sink in and think about your relationship and why it ended. You both NEED this time.

And talking about needing things, there are some things you need to know what you should NOT do during this process:

  1. DON'T let them know that you need them in your life, that your life means nothing without him or her. This will come across as desperate and nobody wants a desperate man or woman back in his of her life.

  2. DON'T call or text him or her. This is where many ex couples go wrong, because calling is fulfilling your own needs in wanting to hear your ex, but not respecting the space she or he needs right now. And this is really important. Give them the time and space they need! If you don't give them space, it might be a confirmation for them that breaking up was the right thing to do.

  3. DON'T call your ex lover's family and friends, trying to find out if your ex lover is still talking about you and DON'T try to convince them that the break up was all the ex lover's fault and not yours.

  4. DON'T answer the phone immediately when your ex lover calls you. If he or she called you, then return the call the next day and say that you had a hectic day. Let them realize that you went on with your life. This might trigger him or her in thinking that you might have grown since the break up and this might lead towards him or her wanting you back again.

  5. DON'T discuss quarrels from the past when you do happen to speak to your ex lover. Talk in a positive and relaxed way, but don't argue about things that happened in the past.

The bottom line in all of this is; when your ex lover finds out that you moved on, that you are going out again, having a great time, enjoying your life, have a positive attitude, chances are that he or she becomes interested in you again. Why? Because people always want something they don't have. When you moved on, they don't have you anymore, they realize that they now really lost you and this might trigger them in wanting you back!

Just realize that getting back together with your ex lover is not a quick or simple process. Remember to remain relaxed and move on in life as you execute this guide in fixing your relationship with your ex lover.