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How Do I Get A Cash Advance When I Am Underemployed?

By: Holly Petherbridge

The "How do I get a cash advance" question will arise when employment does not pay for every day cost of living expenses? Unfortunately, there are many who ask this question when the end of the month approaches and there is little left for cash sitting in the bank account. There are bills which are still sitting on the desk and the next paycheck won't come until after the new month begins. How do the bills get paid? These folks are not necessarily stressing over making on-time payments as they are coming up with the cash to pay them at any time. Waiting to the next paycheck will only grab money from the next month's bills. Being underemployed still brings cash in, but it rarely ever seems to be enough. When financial problems hit this level of seriousness, a solution must be found.

Direct lenders will expect an applicant to show proof of employment by the direct deposits on a bank statement. 'How do I get a cash advance when I can't afford to pay it off next paycheck?' is what the lender will be deciding. A responsible direct cash advance lender will look closely at monthly take home wages when processing a loan. You may still be able to get approved for a loan, but it may not be for the total amount needed. Instead of being upset at the lender for making a good business decision, understand their reasons for rejecting the full or partial amount of your request.

*The lender wants to protect their business against a default loan.

*Your bank account shows previous overdrafts for other expenses.

*Other cash advance loans are unpaid.

*Your paychecks are quickly used up to pay other costs and there are signs of other struggles throughout the pay period.

A responsible cash advance online lender will want to not only protect themselves from losing money, but will also take into consideration how your bank account will function if you were to obtain fast money. A fast cash advance comes with fees per $100 borrowed and high interest if not paid off on time. Some lenders will charge application fees and include other hidden costs if the terms are not met exactly as scheduled. It is as important for a borrower to closely look at the terms and conditions for any type of third party money and make smart financial decisions based on the numbers. It is understandable to not think about final costs when emergencies happen, but for those who do consider the complete transaction will make a better decision.

Obtaining the loans themselves is an easy process, but your income may not qualify for you with a responsible lender. Consider other options in order to obtain cash rather than finding a predatory lender that will lend to you regardless of your income. Take the time and call a few lenders to see what options you have. If there is no positive reaction from the direct lender, you may want to consider a garage sale or borrowing from a friend before taking other action. Cut back as much as you can out of your budget including extra expenses which you could go without. As uncomfortable as it may seem, you can go without a cell phone for a few months if the cost will pay off a high priced loan. Make smart decisions based on finances rather than vulnerabilities when looking for emergency cash. You will be better off in the long run when there is no default short-term loan growing on your pile of debt. Two week term periods from direct cash advance lenders will only help you if you can pay them off in a reasonable manner.

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