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Seeing What Others Don't

By: Caroline Buhler

So I'm reading this book titled "Seeing What Others Don't." And it's exactly what you believe, looking at events and things and stopping when everyone seems to keep going. Taking a pause to reconsider a different possibility as an explanation for what is happening in this very moment. The book story-tells how human minds gain insight. Gary Klein explores his hunt to the sparks that shift your mind's way of translating the world. Why is this important to your brand? Well, the more you understand the human mind the more you will know about capturing your target audience's attention.

A little experiment

A few weeks ago I asked one of our writers to pick out three brands that are hot this summer. Prada, Gucci, and Stella McCartney were the ones that stood out to her the most.

Read her summaries of the brands, and search for what you already know, and then look for what you didn't know before, but know now:

"What is sizzling hot this year... lets take a look at 3 very popular brands at the moment, what makes them stand out from the rest, why do consumers pick them over other brands.

The Power of Prada

Prada, established in 1913 is a very well known Italian fashion label specializing in luxury goods for men and women ready-to-wear, leather and fashion accessories, shoes, luggage, perfume etc. This classy brand has been the choice of the most powerful and stylish men and women across the world. Strongly holding the position of being number one fashion brand in the world.

Why do you think Prada is so successful? The brand itself eludes power, success, class, a force to be reckoned with, making them so highly sought after. Simply take a look at Prada's print campaign for Fall/Winter 2013 you can see the image of power and class, the models magnetically command our attention and leave us breathless wanting more.

Gucci Gucci Gucci

Gucci is a very prestigious and widely recognized brand. Gucci's cult following today has over 300 stores worldwide and is elegantly endorsed by many celebrities. Anyone who is someone rocks Gucci. High profile celebrities like Madonna, socialites like Paris Hilton, and even rappers like Kanye West and JayZ write music about wearing Gucci! Gucci is associated with being young, hip, and cool.

Eco Friendly is Fashionable - Stella McCartney

Pop royalty off-spring Stella McCartney launched her successful signature label under her own name Stella McCartney in 2000. Sustainable fashion has become a hot topic in this past year. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella does not use any leather or fur in her designs. She was awarded Britain's designer of the year award without using leather, which is unheard of luxury fashion!

Her collections include lady's ready-to-wear, accessories, lingerie, eyewear, fragrance and kids. Her brand has become wildly successful, labeled recently ' designer of the moment by Elle magazine. Successes include; designing for Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, as well as having her own line with Adidas."

Back to insight: What did you find out?

According to Gary Klein, author of "Seeing What Others Don't," insight is different than intuition. Intuition is taking note of continued patterns where Gary Klein explains that insight is the "discovery of new patterns." If you followed the assignment and took note of what you already knew, and then documented what new information you learned, you noticed that the new information made you think.

Write that down "new patterns." That's what makes people stop and think. Your brand can start showing new patterns in the world too. Need help brainstorming? Schedule a consultation with Caroline Buhler (323) 455-4428 and explore the possibilities.

Our writer's personal insight on how her three chosen brands found success:

"By projecting power and class, producing a product that is consistently above average. Creating a cult following, by pushing their brands through media. And by making their products stand out from the rest, taking that extra step to be different and better. "

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