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Mystical, Magical Friend With Autism Telepathically Describes Her Perceptual Reality

By: Mary Ann Harrington

Can you describe your type of communication abilities in regard to supported typing and telepathy? (This is an example of receiving information through a telepathic like channel from my beloved nonverbal friend.) I tuned into my friend, asked the question and then typed what I received.

It is significant to say that I am somewhat unique in my ability to interpret data. (7-8 percent of nonverbal people with autism currently share my ability but more could with the proper training) Many others who share my vibrational realm are hindered by a lack of cohesive thought. This happens because knowledge is not necessarily word dependent. I have mastered the ability to decode vibrations, and find the word that is most useful to describe it.

Nature is a complex organism of thought forms, reaching for vehicles of expression. I am capable of expression, only when all systems are balanced and synchronized. Achieving balance is like walking a tight rope with both arms extended hoping to keep my balance and to stay on the wire. As my partner, you assist me with the tenuous hold I have on my expressive vehicle. You serve as a balancing pole so to speak. Safety is part of the service you provide me. For I know, in most cases, you will help me rebalance myself before I fall. Even when the fall has not been averted, you provide me with a safety net. I know you won't let me flounder for long before you bring me to safer ground. Know that to master this linear world is challenging for me.

The tight rope can be viewed as linear thought. My understanding and reasoning are broad, but I am restricted by the confines of the wire so to speak. I can only stay connected to you when I am balanced on it. Precarious as it seems, I am shifting. Becoming more open to what physical reality has to offer. Beauty is present in all dimensions. It is difficult to limit oneself to a singular reality when being bombarded by invitations to other galaxies and planes of existence. Channeling higher thought forms through you is good for my brain and my nervous system.

What specifically can I do to keep you balanced and on the wire so you can communicate to those dependent on linear though?

Achieve a certain level of grounding. Just by being in your presence, I feel a sense of calm, just knowing I am not on the wire alone without a safety net. I target and translate thought forms that you might find interesting, by tapping into sources outside of myself, or I should say my body. I am encapsulated in an energy bubble that carries me safely from one domain to the other. Perhaps, you can picture it like a hot air balloon. You serve as a tethering cord so to speak. I allow you to be my guardian because you are skilled at thought transference. You are also good at listening without questioning too deeply. Frustration occurs when you are not open and flowing. I have trouble joining the current of your energy stream and feel confined to mundane practices of earthly survival. You are at your best when you enjoy being with me and are happy. Transfer of information between us is grounded and transferred by energy chords or streams. Think of our process as a flowing river. If you build a damn as you often do, my flow of information stops. Love, intention, joy and light-hearted acceptance, all assist in an uninterrupted flow of ideas. Know that you are going to have to remove the damn time and time again before you fully realize what you are unintentionally doing.

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