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The Changing Job Perceptions Of People - A Close Look At Autism

By: Milan Zones

Suddenly autism awareness has been on a rise and people seems very actively participating in doing whatever it takes to make this space a better place to live in for autistic kids. The world of technology also have their share of things to offer to the cause of this disorder and that is in the form of apps. When there is so much that people are already doing with the hope that their efforts would change the way the world perceives autism then it is time let us have a reality check and find out what is the actual scenario in the real world.

Schooling of autistic kids

With the constant guidance from parents and teachers autistic kids still manage to make it through their entire schooling and academic life. But life takes a full turn when they step out of the secured doors of their campus to face the world as it is. Life is surely not as rosy as they thought it would be and the reality check comes with the rejection they face for job offers. Strangely, the scenario is different in different places, where some MNCs prefer autism affected people as part of their corporate houses there are several others who do not prefer to have them around. A tad more detail in this area is something that we need to highlight on.

The job opportunities for the autistic

The available job opportunities for the autistic have always been on the lower side because of their inability to adapt themselves quickly to an unknown surrounding. That is probably one of the initial hitches that needed attention for job availability options to increase. The other major problem that they have and we all know about is the issue of speech impairment, their inability to make clear conversation acts as a major hindrance and is often the cause of misunderstandings and miscommunication in the official set-up. We all know that in a professional station there is absolutely no scope for lack of clear and smooth communication. These were the main issues because of which no matter how much people spoke at length about autism and spreading its awareness these problems always remained and still continues to even in a few areas.

The wind of change

There has been a sudden wind blowing in the air and it smells of change and also evokes this sensation among people making them to bring in the change and also accept it. This change is to accept autism and people affected by this ill-fated disorder in all major areas of life namely in the professional sector. This sudden change shows that several of the MNCs have shown their inclination towards getting more autistic people on board. The reason cited by them is that people suffering from the spectrum disorder have certain special qualities and tapping in these special qualities can give the corporate biggies a new career high. Also the fact that their inability to socialize will imply that the entire time in the work station will remain focused on doing something far more productive than the rest. It has also been noticed that these people are prone to having an IQ that is far more edgy than any other regular professional working in a corporate office. The new way of getting them on board is to offer paid internships just to see their mettle and if they manage to impress the right people then the job is theirs. This is a great option that gives them the chance to prove to themselves and to everybody else that they deserve the job they are in.

These changes are signs that people are changing their notion about autism and the people affected by it. And finally, it is safe to conclude that all the efforts of people trying to fight the cause have not gone unnoticed and people have taken their initiative in changing the trends because even this disorder deserves a chance to set records straight that they can also make it big in life!

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