Siblings And How They Deal With Autism - Does It Have Any Psychological Impact?

Modern parents often opt to have more than one child feeling the need that their child must always have a friend. This is probably a great new way of planning a family because having a single child often brings the fear that the child might suffer from loneliness because no matter how much we say that parents are a child's best friend, they cannot possibly fit in the shoes of a sibling and be a partner-in-crime for all their antics. Having said that we need to realize that having a sibling is like having a best friend by your side all the time, a friend who can guide you, be a part of your pranks, someone with whom you can share your secrets and be rest assured that even if the world turns its back on you, your brother or sister will always be by your side.

All is not well as it seems because the lack of right parenting can create a lot of problems like insecurity, jealousy and the cannot-stand-each-other-phase between siblings. This fact also implies that if one kid is suffering from autism or any other disorder it could give scope to a lot of unwanted problems and increase the stress of the house dampening the positive vibe. Let us focus on the psychological impact that autism can have on the chemistry that siblings share and the key role that parents can play in such situations.

Siblings and their equation along with the psychological impacts if one suffers from autism

  • The feeling of being deprived - If one is down with autism they are bound to enjoy a lot of attention from family, friends and even distant relatives. This fact often makes the other sibling feel deprived because they feel unwanted and completely left out. If this is the treatment they get from their own family, it affects their childhood very badly making them feel that nobody cares about them and they don't feel loved or wanted at all. This feeling further gives rise to them disliking their sibling and instead of being compassionate towards them because they suffer from this disorder it leads to a lot of exchange of cold vibes and a genuine dislike for one another.

  • The insecurity that follows - If the love and attention of parents tend to have biases then this gives rise to a lot of insecurities among siblings. The feeling of they are less than the others creeps in and a genuine friendship between them which is absolutely normal turns into an unhealthy competition of one trying to stand out and be better than the other.

  • The social life that they lack - It is unfortunate that the bunch of autistic kids have no social life, but that is because of their problem of social impairment. This fact gives scope to a lot of jealousy and insecurity among the other sibling because of the lack of having any life of their own and also the inability to make good friends with whom you can party and have a good time. This further adds to the feeling of loneliness.

  • The lack of confidence of being successful in life - Autistic kids fear rejection and failure from all phases of life. This habit makes them completely dejected with themselves and leaves them with very low confidence about the fact that they are capable of tasting success and making it big in life.

Autism comes with its fair share of problems and it is the primary role of parents to create a compatible bond between their children so that in spite of the disorder that tries to come between their childhood it should not create the friendship between the kids.