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The Easy Way To Attract A Man And Keep Him In Love

By: Ashlynn G Aris

Are you frustrated that you're not getting through to men? If so, you can get better results with just a change of approach! Communication is key to any successful relationship, and if you can't get through to your man, you're not communicating in the fullest sense. And if you don't know how to get through to men properly, you will never be able to choose who you want to attract and keep forever.

The most important thing to do when you find a man to love, or to be your boyfriend, and possibly your husband, is you want to find a guy who shares the same interests and activities that you like to do. If you're both completely different, it's hard to get through to each other because it's hard to connect with each other. However there is a fine line between being completely the same and being totally different, you need to find the right balance so that you have some privacy and something to share when you do spend time together.

The easiest way to get through to your man is by talking about what he likes, and then changing the topic to what you like. Many times, a woman can get her way saying outrageous things just by being cute and cuddly when she flirts with her man. When this happens, you might feel as though you could control him, and you can, temporarily.

It might seem to bother you if you think this is manipulative, but it's not like that at all. In fact, the key to good communicating is accepting your own self expression. If you can talk to him in a way that makes you feel open and sincere, he will listen even if he pretends to be interested in other topics. He will remember what you say because you will have bookmarked it in his mind. And you can open the topic later. And then next time you can restart and talk about the issue.

The key is to let loose and be spontaneous if you want to have interesting conversations. Every moment is a chance to crack a joke or talk about the things you see together. When you build up a connection, you can talk about the topic of entering a long term committed relationship together and raising a family, or being successful together. That's all it takes! Don't worry too much, conversations are simply made up of a series of answering and asking questions, so you have plenty of opportunities. The questions you ask will determine if your man remembers what you said and whether or not he is looking for a way out.

You need to understand that most men don't think the same way as women do. Men don't necessarily dissect every disagreement or little gesture like we do. Women have a knack of dwelling on small things that men don't even realize have happened. So as you change your perspective and the way you approach your man you should make special notice to the way your boyfriend communicates his responses to you. When you begin to look at things the way he does, it definitely puts you ahead and in control. Men want to have fun, but they don't realize that sometimes he's treating you more like one of his football friends and it makes communication difficult because you are a woman. If you master translating his 'man talk', then you can get him to live in a woman's world!

To get through to your man you need to start thinking like your boyfriend. Figure out what he wants and decide what you can do about it. Think of it as a game in which your mission is to understand your man. In the science of psychology, this is called empathy. Your life and relationship can really change for the better when you learn to use empathy. It is the skill to be able feel for another person as if you were in their position. Don't let love just slip away without doing what you can to get through to your man. Empathy really makes a difference.

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