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How To Make Beef Stew In A Crockpot

By: Mariyam B Hasnain

Stews are admired and preferred all over the world because they are generally made by slow cooking thus keeping the moisture content and juices of the ingredients intact offering a sumptuous delight for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The taste and presentation of stews may vary from one continent to other depending on the ingredients used, but the method of cooking used to prepare this well-known dish is almost the same everywhere.

Be it America, India, or Iran, stews are made with lot of patience using slow-cooking techniques. Slow cooking is either achieved by preparing the dish over slow fire or in a crockpot for longer hours. Since, crockpot is an easy and practical approach; stews are, predominantly, cooked in crockpots nowadays. Crockpot gives you the pleasure of enjoying comfort food. All you need to do is to just fill it with ingredients, close the lid, set the cooking temperature and time, and let the cooker do all the hard work. It's a tremendous time-saving cooking appliance which can cook while you are away.

So, if you want to experience the appetizing aroma of a rich juicy beef stew when you come home, try this original Awadhi recipe of Mughlai beef stew made in a crockpot and add a distinct royal touch to your meal. Awadhi cuisine is a specialty of Lucknow or Awadh, (as it was known during Mughal period) an Indian city in Central South Asia. Awadh was ruled by the Mughals for decades, and the traditional food of Lucknow still carries the royal legacy of Mughlai cuisine.


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Tips on Making Beef Stew in a Crockpot

  1. Use fattier beef cuts. It is good to have enough fats. As the stew cooks long, the fat melts and separates from the connective tissue and meat leaving soft and tender meat with rich and silky gravy.

  2. Use less spices at the start. As the spices will cook for long time, they will sharpen the taste of your dish making it more intense and spicy and can even dominate over the subtle and soothing flavors of meat and melted fat.

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