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The Ferrari Classiche Program

By: Brian D Hensley

Whenever you are thinking about buying a piece of history for an investment, you want to make sure that what you are paying for is exactly what you are buying.

With that being said, that statement could not be more true than when you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle like a Ferrari. Historical authenticity means everything to the value of these rare cars, and Ferrari's Ferrari Classiche restoration department helps give you every opportunity to make sure that all vintage and classic Ferraris stay or can be restored back to perfect stock running condition.

Any Ferraris that are 20 years or older, a limited edition, or was born as a natural competition car can be maintained properly and or restored back to its absolute original condition with the help of Ferrari Classiche's expertise.

Since Ferraris are some of the rarest and prestigious vehicles in the world it makes sense to want to keep them in their original condition. But to do so it is going to take a little bit more than the research, knowledge and expertise of just any average restoration business.

That's where your friends at Ferrari Chassiche comes into play. Located in the former Ferrari foundry building within Ferrari's Maranello, Italy factory, the Ferrari Chassiche department has access to all build sheets and blue print designs to every Ferrari ever made. If you need to find any generation pacific original components for your Ferrari, the Ferrari Chassiche restoration department is the best and the most trustworthy place to start.

From the chassis of your vehicle to the drivetrain, to the interior components and the exterior curves and colors, you won't find a better accurate restoration service than what the Ferrari Classiche department can offer. Working out of a 10,225 sq.-ft. facility that houses the main offices and the main workshop, this facility is not only home to an extensive archive of every competent to every Ferrari ever built, but it also houses some of the original machinery that was used to build those components. Machinery that in most cases can't be found in working condition any where else in the world.

What does that mean to Ferrari Classiche clients? That means that even if a part may not be in existence anymore, the experts of Ferrari Classiche has the best chance at fabricating an exact duplicate. From the generation correct material to the exact dimensions, the component or components that your Ferrari needs will be a perfect fit with a stamp of authenticity from Ferrari Classiche.

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