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Philanthropic Efforts Fueled By Crowdfunding

By: Rob Hillman

The concept of crowdsourcing has grown by tremendous proportions over the last couple of years. People are pitching various causes, from personal to philanthropic, for anyone in the general public to support.


What started as a concept for funding innovations and creative exploits have been transformed to include generating money for community projects and the like. These days, many cause-oriented groups and individuals are generating tons of money from this type of fund sourcing method. Primarily with the use of social media, they are able to generate donations to serve the purpose of helping others in need.


A big concern that this type of fund sourcing and generating method brings forth is the question of sustainability. Can it truly help provide for people in need over the long term? Is it really an effective way to fund non-profit causes?

What is Crowdfunding?

Basically, this way of raising funds for a variety of causes, personal or organizational asks people online to chip in any amount of money to accumulate and reach a targeted amount. Using any of the available crowdfunding platforms, one person creates the pitch page explaining the reason behind the fundraising effort and a goal amount is set.


People are encouraged but not obligated to make a contribution and there is no limit as to how much can be donated even if the targeted amount is surpassed. At the end of the fundraising period, the generated funds are released to the person who started the campaign. This person should dutifully transfer or remit the funds in full to the intended recipients.

Good Option

Crowdsourcing is a great way to give to those in need. This is a good option for those who cannot physically render volunteer work but who are willing to help.

Where is Crowdsourcing Commonly Utilized?

Charitable giving is always welcome no matter how massive or limited donations are. There are numerous causes that can be supported by online fundraising efforts, some of which may be as simple as providing public school teachers with ample supplies for their students. These days, quite a number of funding platforms cater to raising financial assistance for sudden deaths, disaster relief, and furthering the efforts of non-profit organizations working globally.

Raise Funds

There are those who raise funds for the families of wrongful death victims around the world. Aside from helping with burial expenses, the funds raised are often used to help families survive especially if the casualties are the sole breadwinners.

Disaster Relief

As for disaster relief efforts, donations are encouraged to help support the activities of local communities. In some cases, crowdsourcing is done to enable rescue missions to continue despite lack of funds from the government or any other concerned institution.


Non-profit organizations have also been dependent on the charitable giving of people from all over the world to support some of their international aid efforts. There are those that are intended to support global causes that address poverty, world hunger, access to clean running water, HIV/AID, and children's rights and welfare among others.

Thanks to effective crowdfunding platforms, and the desire of more people to extend a helping hand on a global scale, there are numerous opportunities for everyone to practice a bit of philanthropy.

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