A Very Inspiring Memoir

Elizabeth Vargas has always been one of my favorite journalists. I enjoyed her time on Good Morning America and loved to watch her co-host episodes of 20/20. I was saddened to hear about her problems with anxiety and alcohol. It was such a shock because I, and I'm sure thousands of others, had no idea Elizabeth had this problem.

As I started to read Between Breaths her story became more and more interesting. I could not put the book down. Elizabeth told the readers of the many times she attended rehab and how she tried to deal with the many setbacks where she found herself going back to alcohol. She was concerned about her marriage and her children. Her marriage fell apart but she had a strong support group and that is what really helped. Elizabeth gave details of her time as a little girl when her panic anxiety started and told of how she started as a journalist. The readers were provided with a detailed report of what she endured during her many stays in rehab facilities.

When I read some of the negative reviews (there weren't many) things were said like "boring", "disappointing," etc. I could not believe these reviewers read the same book that I found so interesting because Between Breaths is certainly not boring nor disappointing. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Elizabeth Vargas was very candid in writing this book. She did not hold anything back and gave details of her panic attacks from the time she was a little girl up to the days of the time when she was a journalist. She was so filled with panic while anchoring the news that she had to hold unto the desk. After these attacks she would stop on the way home to have a glass of wine or two to unwind. She did a great job of hiding this addiction because the public was not aware of her problems. Many of her support group stood by her and that is what helped Elizabeth to make it through after many, many failures. She gives her support group the credit for helping her win this battle with addiction.

Between Breaths is a well-written and honest book that must have been very difficult to write. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this very personal story with us. You are an inspiration to the many people who are suffering from addiction.