Football: Oregon Ducks Strength And Conditioning Program

When teams struggle in college football, the head coach receives all the blame. But that is always not fair. Chip Kelly has proven to be a good coach this season and has consistently praised his strength and conditioning staff at Oregon for the team's success this season. The Oregon Ducks have demonstrated this season that the fastest way for a program to improve is by having an excellent strength and conditioning program. The Ducks run a high tempo offense in an effort to tire out the defense. Lamichael James, the recent recipient of the Doak Walker Award for being the nation's top running back has mentioned throughout the season how defenses wear out trying to keep with the Ducks' offense. The Ducks rotate a lot of players on defense to create turnovers. Jim Radcliffe is the unknown hero and leader of the strength and conditioning program. Radcliffe's program has worked well for the Oregon Ducks.

Florida Gators

Florida Gators won two national championships in the last six seasons. Urban Meyer has credited Mick Marotti several times for helping him build two national championship teams. Marotti is the unknown hero and leader of the strength and conditioning program for the Florida Gators. Marotti's program has worked well for the Gators.

Strength and Conditioning Team

The team has to create basic conditioning level programs for the athletes by position, while maximizing the use of the facilities for athletes. Proper nutrition and rest help create dynamic athletes. When programs emerge in college football the team deserves more credit.

Pay Increase

Universities must start making an even larger investment into staff members of strength and conditioning teams. Radcliffe and Marotti both deserve a raise. Radcliffe and Marotti have demonstrated teams can help programs get better in a relatively short amount of time.

Oregon Ducks

In college football the coach should not always be fired if a team struggles. Maybe the college football program needs a new strength and conditioning staff. The success of the Oregon Ducks this season is shifting even more focus on the importance of these programs. The Ducks' philosophy is to simply wear out opponents. It will be interesting to see how other programs respond around the country to the Ducks' approach and philosophy. Fans of college football should become more familiar with the leader and the staff members of the strength and conditioning team. Often these team have the biggest impact on whether a football program is losing or winning. These teams have become even more important and instrumental in college football.