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Monster Penis Size Comes From Hand Exercises That Get Guys 2-4" Bigger - 8 & 9 Inch Erections

By: Heather Elsa

Guys want to get a bigger penis size, but they have no idea what actually works. Everything on the planet is a fraud, except for 2 things. These two legitimate methods are a medical procedure and hand exercises; pills, pumps, and extenders do not do a thing.

How you get a bigger penis with hand work outs

There is one way to a larger erection in the privacy of your home without a medical option. This one method that works is know as hand routines. They have been practiced in Africa and China for centuries to get erection sizes permanently increased. These guys have been working on these since the dawn of time. They have had no brain washing from western medicine that only wants to make as much money as they can from the sick and misinformed. Due to this fact, they began experimenting early on in their history with every method under the sun, and they were looking to get huge. They tried hanging weights, and every other stretching technique they could think of. What they found with all of these techniques was that they made their penis as limp as a wet noodle, because they were applying too much pressure and the wrong type of force.

They arrived at hand exercises when they were experimenting and realized that they provided exactly the amount of pressure they needed to promote tissue expansion. They were right with their findings, and they manipulated there size by several inches. What they discovered was that they didn't have to work out for the rest of their lives, because the manhood is composed of ligaments and tissues, it can be made larger and it stays that way. They had found the holy grail of male enlargement.