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How To Get Your Ex Back Almost Instantly - Miss These Tips And Your Ex Will Never Want You Back!

By: Avril Harper-Rae

So you are wondering how to get your ex back after a difficult breakup. Most people cannot handle a breakup and crack under the pressure, which leads to emotion based actions rather than logical actions. This causes more damage than the damage that already existed and causes your ex to become repelled away even more. Here is what you need to do to get your ex back.

Chasing- Stop chasing your ex, because he/she will always run away then. Most people chase their ex through calls, and excessive behavior. Some even argue that the ex is wrong, and try to force him/her to love them. Do not show your ex that you need him/her, because the minute you do they would only take you for granted.

The more you make yourself available to your ex, the less they will want you around; since your ex already knows your every move and everything about you. You are too predictable to your ex, and chasing your ex will only come across as pathetic and desperate.

Take away the security- show your ex that they are about to lose you! Your ex will not value you or want you, unless they see they really do not have you at all. The key to getting your ex back is act extremely dry towards him/her and be as vague as possible whenever you are around them. This makes your actions less predictable and makes your ex work to have you and even just talk to you.

You should also show you are available to others, and begin flirting with people around you. One of the best ways to get your ex interested in you and noticing you again; is when you prove others want you and are noticing you. Flirting with someone your ex knows will have your ex's attention on you; and will make your ex jealous to want you back very fast.