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Ada: American Disabilities Act - An Idea To Bring Awareness

By: Lance Winslow

Perhaps we have not discussed this issue much, but something that I would like to bring to everyone's attention which creates awareness for THE ADA in a positive light for all, even the businesses which spend thousands complying with it. I myself had an idea about twelve years ago, which was never really repeated anywhere but probably should be in all areas of this great nation. The PR is also worthy in any group willing to try this event. Here it is but first a preview of basic fundamental ideas: Winston Churchill use to say, "If you have to go through hell to get to where you are going, then don't stop" He is correct. Don't stop. Fight.

It is true that wheelchair bound people may the job. The odds will be lessened due to discrimination, concealed or other excuses or non-intentional discrimination. Disability money is very little compared to a job with a pay check stub attached and it is very bad for personal development, I do not believe in most cases it should be given out, only in some cases and it should be limited, so people do not take advantage of it. It makes people non-productive and makes them not care.

It makes people lazy and that is a sin to the American people and the person receiving the money. Unfortunately so does this discrimination thing, It is not fair, just like the kid who buys a fast motorcycle and drives it at 140 mph on the fwy crashes and gets maimed for life and tax payers must foot the bill. It is not fair on either side and real people get caught in the middle most of the time. I have seen people give dirty looks to people in wheel chairs behind their backs and some even to the people's face, I cannot for the life of me figure out why or what on Earth their problem is when they act like that. I voluntarily was wheel chair bound and had people give me dirty looks, little did they know I could run a marathon under 3 hours or a mile in nearly 4 minutes. Incidentally I have been an advocate for wheel chair bound citizens and tried to mitigate the problems of the ADA on business and the burden it causes and the animosity it incurs.

I have personally had dirty looks from people who thought I was wheel chair bound when actually I was just doing a two day study to show people the problems and to get the business community to realize that they needed to work a little harder on the ADA thing and that the ADA Advocates needed to help in the early stages of development to not only see that the letter of the law is correct, but more importantly the intent. If you follow the law but it does not help anyone then why bother in the first place. This is a thought mixed in with some previous thoughts and conversations as it relates to Our vision to fix the world, won't you join me and our team to make this a more understanding world? Our work with the ADA and how this should be incorporated into other groups, for reasons of bringing people together towards a solution instead of tearing people apart like in the million people marches. This is the thought of the day as I had to wait an additional 20 seconds for a wheel chair to cross the street and thought, well that could be any of us, past, present or future. Think about it will you?

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