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Baldness And Hair Loss: Natural Remedies

By: Jay Chatterjee

Most of us would privately agree that hair loss affects our psyche and self esteem intensely. The hair we have on our scalp - our crowning glory - is one of the most important features of our appearance and affects our overall 'attractiveness quotient'.
It is absolutely devastating to our ego and self-worth when hair loss results in thinning or partial or total baldness.

Hair loss can become an obsession with anyone who suffers from the condition. These patterns have been identified on the The "Norwood scale" which classifies different types of hair loss. A research study recently found that most people showed extreme loss of self-esteem, ranging from vulnerability to jealousy.

A number of factors could lead to hair loss.

Diet: Eat right. A healthy diet can only improve your overall health. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and small amounts of lean protein. A paramount cause of hair loss for women is hypochlorhydria. So, ask your doctor to test you for inadequate protein digestion brought on by low stomach acid.

Lack of Vitamins: Excessive hair loss can also be caused by deficiencies in folic acid and vitamin B12.

Iron Deficiency: Another common, but generally unrecognized, cause of hair loss is an iron deficiency, especially in pre-menopausal women. Dr. Wright, who publishes an excellent ezine, stresses that you can increase iron intake by adding dried fruits, fish, legumes, meat, molasses, potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, and whole-grain products to your diet.
(Unfortunately, iron does not help with male pattern baldness.)

DHEA: Many women past 50 find that when they raise their levels of DHEA back up to the range for a normal 30- or 40-year-old woman, it not only slows or stops hair loss, but it can actually help re-grow new hair. Noticeable diffuse thinning in women usually starts after menopause, when the production of the female hormone, estrogen, slows down dramatically or stops altogether.

Sunlight: Get out of the house! Sunlight provides you with vitamin D which the body greatly needs. So spend some time outdoors and reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Your beautiful hair will soon mirror your health.

Dandruff: Among the more common factors concerning hairloss, there is the dreaded subject of dandruff. If you have an oily scalp, which is the real culprit behind most dandruff (not a dry scalp), a daily shampoo will help prevent dandruff. It should be a gentle, preferably herbal, shampoo. No strong chemicals.

Stress: Stress aggravates dandruff. It can either trigger it or exacerbate an already bad condition. A 5 minute daily meditation will do wonders for your overall health and hair.

Asian Formula for beautiful hair: Here is a routine used by many Indian women for glossy healthy hair. Mix 25% castor oil with 75% almond oil and gently massage for 10 minutes into your scalp weekly. It should first be warmed (place the container in hot water for 5 minutes), so that it is readily absorbed into the scalp. Leave on your scalp for 15 minutes to 30 minutes before shampooing out with a gentle natural shampoo. Follow with a final rinse with a vinegar and warm water solution (5% vinegar, 95% water), and then seal the hair, and remove the vinegar odour, with a cold rinse. Towel dry. Look in the mirror. You will love your beautiful shiny manageable hair.

Remember, natural remedies are always better than harsh chemicals, especially for your hair!

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