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Are Personal Shavers Really Necessary?

By: Paul Ghossain

I'm sure that a lot of people who have thought about shaving, or already do shave their pubic area, wonder if personal shavers really are that effective or even necessary. Well to answer that question in short, "necessary" might be a little melodramatic. Effective however is a definite yes. Please understand that the effectiveness of the personal shaver depends a lot on its quality.

Not all personal shavers are equal. It is because of this little fact that many people have wondered about the legitimacy of the personal shaver. One of the main points that differentiate a good quality shaver from a bad quality shaver is its after effects.

A bad quality shaver will leave your shaved area red and prone to ingrown hairs. There is also the possibility of getting red bumps in that area too. Now before you start running away from fear, understand that all of the mentioned after-effects can happen from a wet shave too. This however, is where a good quality personal shaver can out shine wet shaving anytime. Because of their special design thin of the foil and blade combination, it is virtually impossible for it to cut or nick you in any way. This makes it extremely safe and effective for females and males alike who want to get a smooth, painless shave.

Baby powder is another important ingredient. Applying baby powder just before using your personal shaver is what makes that extra bit of difference between a really smooth shave and a regular shave. The reason for this is because the powder helps to keep your skin as dry as possible during the shaving process. Having a dry skin surface allows the personal shaver to go as close to the skin surface as possible.

Yes, if used properly, personal shavers can leave you with a really smooth shave.

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