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Can Hair Restoration Look Natural?

By: Jen Carter

The objective of a successful hair transplantation is to give the patient a natural-looking head of hair. In order to achieve this "natural" look, a transplant surgeon must cover the hair loss areas, in order to achieve a natural look. Fortunately, the days of "pluggy" hair are long gone. Now doctors have a technological procedure which allows men and women to look and feel comfortable and natural.

In order to understand what you're getting yourself into, you should understand the restoration process and the likeliest results you will achieve. First and foremost, you should understand that not every hair will be replaced if you decide to undergo a surgical procedure. Perhaps in the future, hair-cloning will make this a possibility. Until then, patients will undergo restoration procedures-which include grafting, flaps, tissue-expansion, and scalp reduction or expansion.

What are these procedures like?

Let's be honest-these are surgical procedures. Undergoing a hair restoration surgery is not a simple process. You should decide whether the positives outweigh the negatives before you decide to pursue this option. Several surgical procedures, pain, and discomfort are to be expected. Nevertheless, many men and women find that this is a final solution to their hair loss dilemma. If you have the time, money, patience, and willpower-this may be a very suitable option for you.

What about the Naturalness?

If you find a qualified surgeon that you trust, the results of hair restoration can be good. Your beautician or barber probably wouldn't be able to tell that you underwent a restoration procedure. That's how natural your hair may look! In addition, you'll be able to swim and shower without stressing about your hair's appearance afterward. No more thin patches or bald spots. Those worries will be a thing of the past.

Be a Realist

Identify what type of hair loss you are experiencing. Do you have moderate or excessive hair loss? Patients who experience excessive hair loss should expect to undergo longer procedures. It's recommended that these patients discuss what restoration procedure would give them the best results.


Meet with several surgeons prior to selecting one to perform your hair restoration surgery. See if all of their recommendations coincide with one another. Testimonials and references from personal associates and family members can be an asset. Never choose a surgeon blindly.

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