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Blogs And Internet Forums Go Wild On Iran War Speculation

By: Lance Winslow

Well it seems to be the hot topic of the month on Internet forums, as many people go to political blogs to discuss the issues with Iraq and Iran in the Middle East. There are people from all over the world participating and some are even from the psyche war campaign of the President of Iran in his efforts to give the people of the United States of America and the politicians in the United States to not strike Iran's is nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities.

Many in the Internet forums are talking about the progress in Iraq and a problematic issues with the insurgents. Some are trying to redefine who they are and what they want and why they are so difficult to remove. Here is a recent excerpt from an online think tank discussing this issue, as one international terrorists sympathizer anonymously states his views on what is going on in Iraq;

You state; "The foot soldiers who make up the Baathist part of the alliance have a military background."

They also have background in wiping their butts with their left hand then using it to hold the gun stock of an automatic weapon, further advancing their e.Coli virus on the world and I will have none of that my friend. Indeed we should have led more of them out into the desert to kill in Gulf War II, as we advanced faster than we should have in the last 80 miles into Baghdad.

You state; "They are former members of Saddam's army, where they served as low-ranking soldiers, or in the security and intelligence fields. They lost their jobs shortly after the war, when the coalition forces dissolved the army, security and intelligence apparatuses."

Indeed and there previous job was a "dead end" one and they should be thankful they never caught a "cluster bomb drop."

You state; "They were also brainwashed by ideas of Arab nationalism and anti-Americanism during the Saddam years."

Irrelevant as the same thing is happening with this radical Islamic Fundamentalist President of Iran as he uses this tactic to rally his support by picking an enemy, namely the United States. Thus we need to remove him also so we do not get a repeat.

You state; "Being sacked from their jobs only reinforced the conspiracy theories they had been led to believe and it strengthened their anti-Americanism."

So what is the point? This is obvious and Al Jazeera runs anti-American Stories every day to feed their customer base with BS. The Clerics run around behind the scenes and promote the same. Why would anyone expect anything thing different and surely you are not purporting any of this as news are you? Because it is not, it is no different than the liberals in our country using their primate politics tactics against our own presidential administration. It is guerrilla warfare. But you can always destroy the forest if you cannot get your way right? And you approve of this tactic?

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