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Affordable Pet Health Insurance

By: Elizabeth Newberry

Just like human health insurance plans need personal information about potential policyholders, pet health insurance plans need to know your pet's species, breed, gender, and age to get your search for affordable pet health insurance started. Unfortunately, this kind of information is unchangeable and many pet health insurance companies will use it to help determine your pet's health insurance policy rates; however, there are factors you can control when looking for affordable pet health insurance.

Look for a plan...

...that is flexible. You want a pet health insurance plan that will meet your financial needs as well as be accepted by your local veterinarian. Traveling long distances just to find a veterinarian who accepts your pet health insurance plan will cost you more money, defeating the purpose of getting affordable pet health insurance.

...that offers unlimited coverage, especially for hereditary conditions and pre-existing conditions. Most pet health insurance plans will cover hereditary conditions, but may shy away from pre-existing conditions; however, many pet owners don't take the initiative to look for affordable pet health insurance plans until their pets become ill. Finding a plan that accepts pre-existing conditions may take extra time, but is important.

...that doesn't increase rates as the pet gets older or sicker. Although the increased rates may still be cheaper than paying the health costs out right, once they begin to increase, they begin to leave behind the title of "affordable."

...offers prescription coverage. If your pet becomes ill, you'll need to purchase medications for it, and those medications may be prescription. As we all know, prescription medications tend to cost more than over-the-counter medications.

Take into consideration these factors when searching for affordable pet health insurance. When these factors are present, it's difficult for hidden costs to creep up on you. In the end, the plan that fits all of your needs without breaking the bank is the most affordable pet health insurance for you.

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