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Beware Of Anyone Wanting A Currency Exchange With The Same Bank

By: Dan Stevens

Most of the frauds people are aware of in e-currencies is that whereby the scammer, pays for an item from a reversible e-currency such as paypal, stormpay e.t.c with a legitimate account, obtains the item and initiates a chargeback on receipt of the goods, thereby stealing the item and recouping his cash.

However e-gold at the moment is irreversible (and I congratulate the CEO of e-gold for trying to clean up the system). Currently one of the highest areas of fraud is in currency exchanges.
One of the ways fraudsters attempt to defraud ignorant individuals is by insisting on a currency exchange with the same bank.

Let me give an example, you might receive a typical message that goes something like this:

"I need e-gold, and I am willing to pay from my Wells Fargo account..."

The scammer will also insist that his/her potential victim also has a Wells Fargo account/or same bank/

The reason why is since e-gold is irreversible, i.e you cannot initiate a chargeback, all the scammer has to do is retrieve the funds, because of the reversibility associated with e-currencies such as paypal, stormpay e.t.c it is not so lucrative to scammers, as any unauthorized withdrawals from these accounts would be flagged and reversed.

Due to this there is a very large underground movement, where scammers trade in , stormpay and paypal accounts e.t.c, many from phishing emails, or which they obtain for a trifle due to the difficulty in cashing out these accounts; then look for unsuspecting individuals who are willing to exchange e-gold for a bank wire with the same bank, it should be clear now that anybody requesting an e-gold currency exchange with a bank wire to the same bank, has stolen bank details and is trying to defraud you of your money, as the fraud will be traced to the victim who received the bank wire, while the scammer cashes out with e-gold.

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