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Here Are Free Pilates Exercises To Tone And Trim

By: Mike Herman

If you've never tried Pilates, you're in for a surprise. Just watch a few Pilates exercises and you think, 'That's easy! I can't see it doing me any good.' Think again.

Pilates exercises are one of the best exercises to stay fit and trim. Pilates are low impact, very powerful movements that can show results in a short time frame. Free pilates exercises don't require any expensive gym membership, or expensive equipment to implement. Many of the exercises don't require any equipment at all. You can do them right at home.

Pilates are isometric exercises that simultaneously stretch, align, strengthen, and tone, your body. At the same time, these easy to do exercises reduce tension and strain on your joints. Losing weight, building muscle, toning, increasing flexibility, and injury recovery are all great reasons to try free pilates exercises.

One Example Of Free Pilates Exercises

One free Pilate exercise you can try is known as the plank. To do the plank, get down on the floor as though you were going to do a push-up. Instead of resting your weight on your hands lay your forearms parallel to the floor. Keeping your body in a straight line with abdomen tight just hold the position for up to two minutes. You'll be amazed at how much you'll feel the results. For beginners you may have to begin with thirty seconds and work you way up to longer time periods.

Another benefit of learning pilates is learning the proper breathing methods. Amazingly, we can get lazy with our breathing. Learning to do deep breathing exercises regularly can have wonderful benefits on your entire body. Benefits such as sleeping better at night, being more energized, and even more flexible.

There are several tapes, books, and classes available to help you learn Pilates. Once you begin, you'll find out how much your total body will benefit from Pilates. You'll get great results by doing Pilates regularly, all without stressing or injury to your body. Any age or fitness level benefits from Pilates. Even if you already have a regular workout routine, adding Pilates will give you an extra boost you can't imagine until you try.

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