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10 Tips To Make Small Bathroom Look Larger

By: Daisy Simpson

Many of us wish that our bathrooms are a little bit roomier but wishful thinking won't increase even one square foot area. So, how can you make your bathroom look and feel larger without actually increasing the space. Here are a few tips to make your bathroom look more spacious.

1. Select light colors for the walls. Pale, soft, cool colors are best for a small bathroom and not bright, loud ones. Pastel tones, whites and neutrals all work wonderfully.

2. Floor color should also be light. If there is already a dark colored floor which you cannot replace, cover it with a light colored rug.

3. Bathroom tiles should be large. This creates a feeling of space. Wall tiles should preferably be extended up to the ceiling and it's advisable to line the edge of the ceiling with a border.

4. Remember to provide for enough storage space because if the storage space is not adequate, it will lead to clutter which makes small bathroom look smaller.

5. Install sliding doors in place of usual hinged doors.

6. It's better to avoid pedestal sinks as they don't provide storage space. Although they look cool, they are not suitable for a small bathroom.

7. Have one large mirror in the bathroom. It will reflect light and add depth to the bathroom. Don't go overboard with mirrors as one mirror is sufficient.

8. As far as lighting goes, use a countertop lamp or wall sconces. There are also other ways to bring light like skylights or larger windows.

9. Shower screens should be clear and not opaque since it gives a feeling of more space. Also it's better to have fully frameless shower screens so that there are no visual barriers.

10. Last but not the least, keep your bathroom neat and clean since a dirty and cluttered bathroom looks smaller than a neat one.

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