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5 Design Ideas For Creating Print Calendars

By: Craig Thornburrow

While print calendars are generally referred to for checking the date, they can be useful for a number of other things. Calendars can make great gifts during the holidays or for graduation, it can serve as an advertising tool, and it can serve as a promotional tool. Because of this, here are 5 print calendar design ideas.

1. Appointment book

When making your print calendar, set it up as an appointment book so people never miss that important date. You can highlight specific dates so friends, co-workers, or family will know well in advance what the date for whatever event it is. It can also be convenient for yourself to mark all of the annual events you know of.

2. Space at the bottom

If you are going to be giving calendars to co-workers or friends, leave some space at the bottom of each month or even the bottom of each day. This gives people space to write notes and what they need to do for that particular day or month. There is no point in having a calendar if you cannot fill in what you need to accomplish each day.

3. Theme

Every print calendar must have some kind of theme regardless of what it is. If you are into sports create a sports calendar with football in the fall and early winter months, basketball in the late winter months and baseball in the spring and summer. Or you can create a car calendar with some of your favorite cars for each month. Be creative and see where the design takes you.

4. Pull-out cards

Having pull-out note cards or pieces of paper on the bottom of each month is a brilliant idea. Everyone writes down a specific date on the calendar with a time and maybe even a location. But when it comes to knowing where to go, people need a spare sheet of paper to write it down. Having a pull-out card that is perforated or a little cutout gives people something to write on and take with them to the event.

5. Phone number list

It is common to write phone numbers down while looking at a calendar, especially when at work. Having a spot specifically to write phone numbers down on the print calendar can help you and others stay organized. You will be able to quickly identify various phone numbers and whose they are.

Creating print calendars is a fun process and can be extremely beneficial for you and many others. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and give a nice gift to friends, co-workers, or family.

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