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"bundle Up" And Save Money This Winter!

By: Whitney Alen

Almost everyone is aware of "bulk" discounts - we enjoy them at warehouse stores where high quality merchandise is available at significantly lower costs due to bulk purchase by the retailer, and a "no fuss" storefront experience.

Many consumers are not aware however that the cable industry makes "bulk" discounts available to its clients on a regular basis. These are referred to as "bundled" services, and they can save a household a lot of money. For example, a single household might have a cable television connection, a telephone service provider and a separate company that allows them access to the internet. Today, most cable companies are able to provide high quality access to all three of these critical services; offering consumers the ease of a single bill and significant financial savings.

Many consumers debate the true value of such bundled services, insisting that their two or three different carriers can match the cost of installing a bundled service. This just isn't the case. Just in phone services alone the cable industry provides more than one hundred million consumers with digital telephone function, which in turn allows the industry to easily beat their competitor's prices. Even within the cable industry itself the competition is strong, and the expansion and ready availability of technology is allowing each individual company to offer some of the best prices in history.

Industry statistics show that overall saving between residential and business subscribers to cable telephone service alone save between one hundred and forty to five hundred dollars each year on their telephone bills.

Additionally, the features of a digital cable phone service make for some excellent opportunities and values as well. There are digital voicemail packages that allow a customer to receive an email copy of each message, access to their account settings through a handset or computer connection, paperless billing and payment options, and many other features that have created a whole new world where telephone communications are concerned.

Most bundled packages also include a high-speed internet connection, which will also come at a significant discount to the customer. Cable internet service is far superior to the contemporary DSL service or old-fashioned dial up connections. In fact, the cable industry has been noted for its own financial commitment to the expansion and improvement of its high speed internet capability. An investment that rewards their customers as well as themselves - as the industry is credited with developing a "broadband infrastructure" that delivers internet access to over one hundred million households across the United States.

In addition to the three high quality services, a bundled package delivers access to the many bonuses of cable service - on demand programming, DVR equipment, programming packages, and constant upgrading to services and offerings. If a homeowner or business owner is worried about increasing costs and the coming winter, they can be assured of the value of bundled services. Offering a comprehensive collection of professional or personal options, and a highly efficient way of getting home entertainment and communication options, bundled services are an excellent way to save money.

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