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Common Signs Of Dyslexia In Adults - What You Should Know

By: Gerry Restrivera

Dyslexia is a learning disability but it is not influenced by physical problem and brain damage. Intelligence has nothing to do with this learning disability. This disorder has no known cause or cure but there are treatments to help dyslexics live normally and manage their disorder. But before taking the necessary treatments, of course you need to identify the common signs of dyslexia.

The most obvious common signs of dyslexia are reading and writing disability. Processing or transferring information and getting instructions are also some of the difficulties of dyslexics. They often forget meeting schedules and have organizational skills problem. Confusion with sequence, directions like left and right, numbers and reversal of similar letters like "b" and "d" are also some of the common signs of dyslexia.

Although the common signs of dyslexia are disturbing and sometime disabling, there are dyslexics who were able to live with their symptoms and managed to succeed in their chosen profession. Dyslexia is not a mental illness but it is a condition that can be managed through proper treatments. There are many treatments available now to help dyslexics cope with their disability ranging from diet, visual stimulation and specific learning strategies with the help of people who are experts in dealing with this kind of disorder.

Years ago, dyslexia is not a known condition due to lack of knowledge and studies about this condition. Those who were not diagnosed due to lack of proper testing and treatments are now adults and some do not even aware of the common signs of dyslexia and do not know that they have dyslexia. They are often regarded as stupid or slow learners resulting to inferiority complex and low self confidence.

A comprehensive adult dyslexia test is now available to know if you are showing the common signs of dyslexia. Knowing the symptoms is the first step in getting the treatment that you need. Dyslexia is a condition that can be managed and you can cope with your symptoms if diagnosed and given the proper treatment.

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