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3 Reasons Information Products Can Help You To Charge What You Deserve

By: Tom Buford

First of all, what IS an information product? Simply put, an info product is a print, audio or video (or combination of any of the three) product that shares information on a specific topic.

I've created several information products and aside from being a simple way to add a solid stream of income to your business, they're also a great way to begin Charging What You Deserve for your higher ticket programs and services. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Information products increase the "know, like and trust" factor.

Most people are going to have to get to know, like a trust you a bit before dropping hard-earned money on your higher-end programs. Info products are a great way of building this relationship with your market. Your prospects can get a taste of your message, approach and competency before taking the next step.

2. Information products get people to "raise their hands."

Once people spend money with you once, they're far more likely to invest in other programs than those who haven't; provided, of course, that you share quality information. Keep in mind that it's always easier to retain current customers and clients than pick up new ones as long as you use good follow-up techniques. 

3. Information products help you to hone your message and create a "system" that you can share with your market. 

This is critical to charging what you deserve. When you create programs with a beginning, middle, end and intended result you can charge much more and get it! 

Often as service professionals we can get bounced in 100 different directions. A simple info product makes us take the time to sit and map out our message on a specific topic. But it doesn't have to take very much time.

Here are 5 simple steps to creating an information product:

1. Survey your list and ask them what their biggest pain, fear or desire is

2. Take the hottest response and create a 5-step solution or process around it

3. Hold a free teleclass on the 5-steps and record the call

4. Get the audio transcribed and have a design made for the cover

5. Sell your information product

It really IS that simple and I've brought in thousands of dollars from information products and this is one of my favorite methods for creating them. It's a simple and incredibly quick way to create products over and over.  

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