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Att Uverse - Tv Service That Packs A Punch

By: Alain Douge

ATT Uverse (fiber optic television service) is the quickest growing television service in the US and is growing by leaps and bounds from month to month.  ATT, who has long been known for providing outstanding home phone service as well as mobile telephone service, has really made a splash in this new market.

U-verse has a crystal clear picture that rivals the best High Definition programming their competitors have to offer.  Once its up and running and your friends check it out you might have to invest in furniture because you'll have company over at your house all of the time.  U-verse packages start out at around 200 channels and include a DVR (digital video recorder) for recording your favorite shows.

Speaking of the DVR, U-verse's DVR does more than a conventional DVR.  You can watch one of your favorite shows while you record another one at the same time.  Most DVRs already have this capability built in.  But AT&T's DVR allows you to record up to four (4) shows simultaneously.  This makes TV sharing, especially for roommates and couples, a whole lot easier.

In addition to stellar television service and a multi-purpose DVR, AT&T Uverse offers thousands of On Demand Movies.  On Demand is a great supplement to renting movies from the local video store, or from mail service renters like Netflix and Blockbuster.

ATT Uverse has a number of different options to choose from when you decide on U-verse.  Their packages are designed to fit each household's need regardless of the situation.  If you want their most basic package which includes fewer digital channels and fewer channels in HD, it is definitely possible.  AT&T U-verse also bundles their services offering a soup-to-nuts service package for their customers.  That means TV Service, internet, and phone service all in one convenient bundle.

Once you've chosen the service that best fits your home, AT&T will schedule a date and time for an installation.  The installation can typically take a few hours and may be the most complicated part of the process.  But AT&T has the most qualified and professional staff that is well suited for installations as any necessary repairs that you might have in the future.

Perhaps you're moving to a new area that has U-verse or you're just looking for a change from your normal run of the mill cable company.  Whatever the reason, now is the time to check U-verse out.  They're firmly entrenched in a good portion of the country and their service gets better and better by the day. 

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