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Email To Fax Machine - Different Ways Of Sending An Email To A Fax Machine

By: Alex Cadens

There are several ways of sending an email to a fax machine, but not all of those ways will be suitable for you in terms of cost and efficiency, if you send and receive less than 1000 faxes per month and you do not have a crowd of people requiring email to fax machine transmissions.

Therefore, let us take a quick look at all the available options to narrow down which ways of sending an email to a fax machine can realistically be considered as a viable alternative for you or your business:

Fax Server Networks

This option is mostly conceived for large organizations, which given the volume and number of people sending and receiving faxes, have to set up a dedicated server to manage all fax transmissions. Therefore, if you are looking to eliminate the need for a fax machine, getting yourself into a fax server is certainly not the way to go unless you have an astoundingly huge volume of faxes being sent and received every month by a large number of people within your organization.

Fax Software

This is usually considered as a great alternative for small businesses, because you simply install a software in your computer and this enables you to start sending and receiving faxes from and to your computer. However, the problem of sending and email to a fax machine or vice versa by means of a software is that you are turning your computer into a fax machine, leaving you out of commission when you need to send or receive faxes from or to you email from a computer other than yours.

Internet Fax Services

Probably the simplest and most cost effective way to send email to fax machines and vice versa, is by using an internet faxing service which will spare you from purchasing any equipment, supplies or software, as well as having to install anything.

For a small monthly fee these services will enable you to send and receive a given number of pages per month, so the ideal service for your business will be the one that best fits the volume of faxes you send and receive.

These services have many benefits you simply will not get if you rely on any of the other alternatives, such as accessibility to your faxes anywhere in the world and the possibility of sending an email to a fax machine wherever you are.

Also, all of the leading internet fax providers will give a phone number -even a toll free number depending on the provider- included as part of the service, which means that you do not even need a landline in order to send an email to a fax machine or vice versa.

Moreover, the best internet faxing service providers will even give you the option to try the service completely free for up to 30 days, so using them and evaluating their convenience for your business will not even cost you money.

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