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182 Best Songs - 7 Tips For Writing Simple Songs Like Blink 182

By: Kyle Hoffman

Blink 182's best songs have always been the simplest ones. They're the best because they envelope simplicity and memorable characteristics that comes easy to Blink 182.

So what's the best way to go about writing songs that could compete with Blink 182's? Read these 7 songwriting tips to learn how you can create simple tunes that could possibly best Blink 182.

1. Create chord progressions of four chords or less.

If you're looking to create simple songs, there is no need to come up with complicated chord progressions to be the best. Blink 182 based their whole career on simple progressions that contained only three or four chords at a time. Try turning your best songs into progressions of only three or four chords.

2. Use standard rhythms like constant eighth notes or quarter notes.

One of Blink 182's best songs is "All the Small Things." Notice how most of the song is strummed in either quarter notes or eighth notes. Remember, it isn't necessary to be overly intricate if your songs truly rock.

3. Keep your songs tied to one emotion.

Think of a simple emotion like being happy, sad, or angry. The best songs tend to create interest in listeners that are feeling the same emotions as the song they're hearing.

4. Try a single instrument like acoustic guitar.

If you're constantly playing with a full band like Blink 182, maybe you need to find the best songs by yourself. Try picking up an acoustic guitar or keyboard and fiddling around with very simple melodies. Maybe something will shine through.

5. Use simple song subjects.

The best songs have subjects that are easy to relate to. Your listener wants to have a personal experience when listening to your song. Create your songs about personal problems, life experiences, or anything else that seems to be common among the majority of people.

6. Pick a key to play that is easiest for you.

Blink 182 has played songs in quite a few keys but eventually, they gravitated towards only a few. If one key helps you sing better or play better than another, use it. The best songs are going to be easiest for the composer to play and create.

7. Have your song consist of only a few different sections.

Sure, you could create a truly unique set of chords and rhythms for each section, but for the best songs, that isn't necessary. Stick to only two or three sections to your song and you'll find writing is easier and quicker.

The best songs by Blink 182 are not complicated. These songs are just the best at connecting with listeners. Put these 7 songwriting tips into effect and I hope that you can create some of the best songs people have ever heard.

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