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Car Buying Tactics To Save You Cash

By: David Redfoot

You need tactics for buying a new car without letting emotion cloud your judgment. Getting behind the wheel of the latest model is exciting. But don't let the salesman be in the drivers seat when you negotiate the deal. You have to keep a cool head.

After some careful research, you will have decided what you can afford and what kind of car you really need. You set out with that in mind but then you see the sparkling paintwork and chrome and ...!

The salesman senses a kill. He has picked up on what you would really like and he's going to make sure that you get it. He'll convince you that the amazing deal he can get you puts it in your price range. But you'll have to buy today.

He'll have you sitting in a car that you hadn't planned on or at least make some of the accessories and extras seem essential. With his great finance rate and the deal he can offer on servicing, it all seems amazingly affordable.

You drive away feeling great, and don't even realize that you have been led down a well worn path. The dealer has a step by step plan, and each step is another opportunity to boost his profit on the deal.

The dealer has a playbook of pressure tactics and psychological tricks that are designed to get you to buy now and at the maximum profit for him. They range from subtle, to not so subtle, to downright dirty. And he's an expert in deploying them.

A good tactic for buying your new car is, don't. You have to prepare your own tactics before you go to the dealer. Know what models would suit your needs and budget. Set limits that you won't go beyond. It's a major purchase and worth some effort to get right.

You have to go in with the proper mindset so that you won't be swayed by emotion. It's your money and it is up to you, when and where you spend it. Practice saying to yourself, "I can walk away". There are lots of car dealers and lots of deals. If you don't like the first one, there is always another one. The salesman is under pressure to get the deal signed. You are not, despite what he would have you believe.

If you feel pressured, remember that you are in control. Let the salesman know that you are going to buy a car, but maybe not now and maybe not here. And then ask for a better deal! They may have unadvertised offers. I have saved myself $700 just by doing that.

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