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Being A Dad

By: Adam Tiyce

For me I knew I always wanted to be a father. Unfortunately my parents split when I was about 8 years old and my Mum took my brother and I to another state where we have made our home for the last 25 or so years which has meant that I have not seen or heard from my dad since that time. It made me realize how very important a father's role becomes in the life of a child.

I recently became a dad for the first time and there was a lot of apprehension on my part as to whether or not I could handle it. It was something that I knew I always wanted to be but it became clear to me very early on that fatherhood is a massive responsibility. I must say though that I am finding it much better than I thought & couldn't imagine life without my little girl.

What I soon came to realize is that there is very little time for yourself and a heck of a lot of time spent being a parent. Selfishness gets thrown out the window and the focus is virtually solely on your child. Time alone by yourself or with your partner/family/friends is few and far between and can become quite precious if you don't organize yourself properly. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining as I feel like my wife and I have a plan in place so that we can have time to ourselves, I just didn't realize how much time they do take to look after.

So if you are planning on having children get what you want to do in life out of the way because when they do arrive you have to become unselfish very quickly.

My little girl is only 15 months old and I have several unselfish years ahead of me but I do realize that time flies by so very quickly and hopefully I can be the best dad I can be and that my daughter can be proud to say that her daddy is the best daddy in the world.

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