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Dyslexia Disability - The Pain Of Being A Dyslexic

By: Edward W Siemens

The disability of dyslexia is a painful one. If you are into reading comics then consider the X-Men, which are a band of mutants discarded from society for their freakish and different nature. The outside world reacts to them with awe and fear, to us they appear to have god like powers, but there is another story playing in the background; how do they feel? What makes them tick? A closer look reveals that they live in a state of perpetual sadness, longing for a simple and happy life and most will gladly give their powers away to do that.

In many ways people suffering from learning disabilities such as dyslexia are no different. They too are rejected from society and they too have fascinating powers which their peers simply cannot understand. Only their powers lie in the realm of the mind. Dyslexics for instance are capable of multilateral thinking and are highly intuitive, their imagination knows no bounds and most are known to make great inventors, entrepreneurs and artists. The sad part is that most never come to realize the great power that lies dormant within them. Trapped in a never-ending circle of taunting, abuse and lack of confidence they start to look upon themselves as someone flawed and inferior to the people around them, of course nothing can be farther from the truth.

As Dyslexia is a learning disability it needs to be tackled as such. As dyslexics you will have certain weaknesses but you will also have great strengths. What you will need to do is develop coping strategies to overcome your weaknesses while expanding and capitalizing on your strengths. As you do this you will gain confidence and will get right back in charge of your life. The first step to doing this is that you get yourself diagnosed. Remember there are many learning disabilities which share symptoms with dyslexia. After your diagnosis you should approach a local psychologist or psychiatrist who can help you with your particular case. I say particular because no two people with dyslexia will exhibit the same symptoms and neither will both have the same strengths and weaknesses.

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