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Aetna Insurance

By: Anand Srini

What is insurance? It is a legal agreement between the insurance company and insured person for reimbursing the money in the case of health hazards, theft, accidents, fire and any damage to the property which are insured. In simple words it is a risk management factor by equalizing the loss with the exchange of premium. The amount invested for certain coverage of an insurance policy is called premium.

Aetna insurance is an American diversified health insurance company, which provides a wide range of consumer directed health care products like medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care and medical management abilities. Aetna is a member of Fortune 100. Fortune is a magazine which compiles and lists the top most public corporations in the U.S. From this it is clear that Aetna insurance is one of the best in U.S.

Aetna is situated at Hartford which is the capital of Connecticut. The first life insurance policy of Aetna insurance was issued in the year 1850. In the year 1867, it started the policy for farm mortgage policy for the first time. And then it has been improving from year to year.

From the list of Aetna insurance members it is clearly visible why it is one of the best;

4919- Hospitals
13,609 million- Group insurance members
17,467 million- Medical members
14166 million- Dental members

Aetna has some advantage plans which make it more flexible from the others. It provides the consumers with better options to decide upon the medical and insurance needs. Aetna insurance provides the members with the access to convenient tools and easy to understand information that can help the members to make decisions based on the information.

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