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Adopt A Book Marker Program - It Works

By: Lance Winslow

We've all heard of a dog being adopted from the pound, or sending $12 a month to help a adopt an African Child, but have you ever heard of the "Adopt a Book Marker Program" well, neither did I until just the other day, and I had a good laugh when I saw it, as it was at our public library. And yes as a matter of fact, I did need a couple of book markers so, I adopted them, in other words, I picked him up and took them for free.

Amazingly enough, I wasn't the only person doing this, and it was something that the Friends of the Library program had done to help foster reading in the community, and on the Bookmarker was an advertisement to join the friends of the Library, or donate money to their adult literacy program. I thought this was a wonderful public-relations idea. It is amazing what creative people will think of when given the chance.

Maybe, I will join the Friends of the Library, because I keep staring at these really cool book markers reminding me to send in $15. And to think that the price to make that Bookmarker was probably less than a quarter, I'd say it was a good fundraising campaign for them. That is until I looked at the back of the bookmarker, and on the bottom, it said that it was "printed by Joe's Printing Shop," and then I realized that the bookmarker didn't cost the Friends of the Library a dime.

Joe's Printing Shop had donated the paper and printing at no cost to them, and since they did, I think I'll have them print my next batch of a 1,000 business cards for being such a good community player. If you are looking for a really good idea to promote your nonprofit group, why not think along these terms and see what ideas that you can come up with? Please consider all this.

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