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3 Tips For Running A People Search

By: Richard Liso

There are many ways to people search online these days. You can either search for people by using a social network or pick one of the many sites that offer people searching for a small price. Here are some helpful tips that can help you pick the right path to chose that will give you the information you need and save you time.

Know What Kind Of People Search Information You Want.

Social network sites although free can only provide you with a profile that you can send messages to. They can also have user written information that might help you get a more personal feel from the person you are searching for. However, more often then not you will not get phone number, address info or and criminal history or background check information. So if you are looking for more in-depth, objective information paid sites are much better at supplying you with what you need.

Know Your Budget For A People Search

If you don't have any money to spend on getting people search information but want to reconnect or find someone your best route is going through a social network site. This may take a bit longer because you have to create your own profile and register with the site your using (sometimes you might not even find the right person you are looking for).

Person you are searching for has their profile set to private you might not even be able to get any information especially if you don't want them to know you are looking for them.

Paid sites can be pricey but you pay for what you want. Free white pages sites can give you data but their data is often not accurate or out dated. The average paid site is about $1.95 for accurate phone and address data but if you want to dive deeper it can cost you up to $100 if you really want some serious data.

Know Whether or Not The Person You are Searching For Wants You Looking For Them

Social network sites allow you to search for free but they aren't very discreet when it comes to hiding who's been searching for who. This can be detrimental if you are looking for someone and don't want them to know especially if their profile is set to private.

Paid sites are mostly discreet when looking for someone's information. Just make sure that you read their terms and conditions to see if they inform the party searched for.

So before you start people searching make sure that you know what kind of info you need, how much you can spend and whether or not your on good terms with the person searched for.

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