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Improving Balance In Seniors With Pilates

By: Harold Baldwin

Pilates is a great exercise for improving your overall balance, and unfortunately with many seniors having serious falls, balance in critical. Statistics show up to 25% of all seniors have serious falls, so anything you can do to improve your balance is great. And if you can improve your balance and fitness level while having fun, so much the better!

It is a form of exercise derived from yoga and the moves of large animals that emphasizes core strength and improves balance. Originally invented by Joseph Pilates for injured dancers, it's rapidly growing in popularity. There is a much lower chance of injury than with other exercises, and it also improves strength, coordination, flexibility, and good postures, things most of us can use!  It concentrates on correct form, doing the exercises correctly, rather than speed or endurance, and is very popular among seniors who try it. It also has such a wide range of motions and exercises that it's hard to  imagine getting bored.

To get started, you can join lessons at your local gym or health club or perhaps opt for private lessons, which do tend to be expensive. There are also over 500 Pilates studios in just the US, and perhaps one is near you? Another option is simply to get and use Pilates videos, although this isn't a reasonable option for all beginners.

Pilates will have you move in ways you never imagined your body could! It will also show you ways you think your body should be able to move easily but can't, especially if you are out of shape. It'll also improve your balance and core fitness. And perhaps  most important of all, since most people enjoy it, there is a good chance you will too and keep it up long term, reaping long term benefits.

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