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4 Candle Making Techniques In Producing Floating Candles

By: Holly M Jordan

We often hear of people who make use of lovely floating candles as decorative pieces. The beauty and elegance these candles bring, is always a sight to behold and appreciate. With the use of these candle making techniques, you can now start making your own floating candles. Perhaps, what you will end up with are not just decorative items but inspiring accents.

The instructions involved in this candle making process are easy. You do not need to get a candle making software or invest in an expensive starting kit. What you need are supplies and items that can be bought relatively cheaper. You just have to be resourceful and patient yourself.

1. In making floating candles, you can actually use any type of candle. What's important is that your candle choices are wider. You will also need to invest in the following list of items namely pillar wax, floater molds, candle dye, fragrance oils, pitcher, and pre-tabbed wicks.

2. Melting the wax is basically the first among given candle making techniques. You can start by placing the floater molds on top of a flat surface. Just don't forget to place old newspapers to limit any spills. Once the wax is fully melted, you are now ready to pour in the mixture on said floater molds.

3. In remembering important candle making techniques, you have to keep in mind that pre-tabbed wicks should be placed before pouring the mixture on said floater molds. Once the wax has totally cooled, you can now pour in the mixture.

4. At some point, you will notice that your candles have shrunken after the first pouring of wax mixture. To remedy this, you can melt the wax and heat it up at a much higher temperature. After which, you are now ready to trim the wick and remove your candles from their floater molds.

Other candle making techniques can also be followed. Precautionary measures should also be taken into consideration. There are beginners who are having a difficult time dealing with wax mixtures. However, the only important thing is to slowly pour the mixture and ensure that your wax is melting using the right temperature.

Meanwhile, other candle making techniques signify the importance of floater molds. The beauty of floating candles is often judged by their shape and fragrance, which is why it is important to avail of the most lovely floater molds. There are stores and craft shops that give these molds at a much lower cost. So, if you want to make floating candles, there are relatively various resources to think of.

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