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3 Steps To Successful Interactive Web Conferencing

By: Tom Cruz

When it comes to finding a suitable interactive web conferencing service it won't be as hard as there are so many to select from. However, what features yours come with will depend on how much you are willing to spend on it. So the more you spend of course the more features your service will be provided with.

The companies that now offer this particular service will charge a monthly fee to use it. Some for example like Webex and Gotomeeting charge uses a fee of around $50 each month and allows those who use them to hold as many meetings as they want for between 15 and 20 people. Whereas there is the Microsoft Office Live Meeting program available that in order to be used a $5 fee needs to be paid each month by those participating.

Once decided upon which service you are going to use for your interactive web conferencing there are certain things that one can do. By following the steps provided below it will help to ensure that the costs of running such conferences in the future will remain reasonable.

Step 1 - It is important that prior to holding any interactive conferences online you create an agenda and provide this to the participants beforehand. This will reduce the amount of time the meetings are held for as time won't be wasted on answering questions at the start on subjects that will be covered during the conference.

Should any participants arrive late for the conference then arrange with those to either speak to them separately at a later time or send them notes of the meeting. Don't allow them to interrupt the flow of the meeting.

Step 2 - Although there are certain features such as recording the meetings as the take place may be useful if not needed then don't sign up for it. Just ensuring that everyone is prepared and having someone to take notes and minute what has been said should be more than sufficient for one's business needs. However, if the meetings are going to be long and complicated then using a recording service should be considered.

Step 3 - If you can use those interactive web conferencing services that charge a much higher flat rate for theirs but will provide a lot of additional features for free. Certainly if you were to compare the costs of these against a cheaper service who then charge for extras you will be amazed at how much you could save using them.

Above we have offered some steps that you may find very helpful in finding the right sort of interactive web conferencing service for your business. Keep these in mind and as well as saving you money the service you choose will help your business function more effectively.

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