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Hemorrhoid Pain Relief - When You've Had It With The Pain Of Hemorrhoids, Relief Is At Hand!

By: Robin Huone

If you've had enough of painful and itchy anal lumps, try some of these hemorrhoid pain relief tips. Hemorrhoids can be a burden, so treat them as soon as possible.

With pain, bleeding and itching, no one would ever want to have hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, nobody is spared from this awful condition. As the veins swell in the anus from constant straining, surrounding nerve endings are irritated, causing the pain. When they are overstretched, tearing happens causing the bleeding. With the dirty stools passing out and touching the torn area, infection sets in, thus itching happens.

These symptoms can affect you, your performance and your confidence. Hemorrhoid pain relief measures give you back what you have lost. You can gain your confidence and focus back.

Start with your diet. The more fatty foods and caffeinated drinks you have, the more you add insult to your injured anus. Lactic acid from fats is irritating to the anus and caffeine draws more water from stools, causing them to be harder. Eat fruits and vegetables every day instead.

Drink plenty of water - at least 8 glasses of water per day are enough to soften stools. Soft stools mean less painful bowel movements.

Try to exercise to promote regular bowel movement. It is important to pass out stools every day to cleanse your colon and to avoid hardening stools. Exercise promotes this by mobilizing your colons. At least 30 minutes every day is enough, even if it's just walking.

Warm soaks and ice packs - do either of these daily for 10-15 minutes, 3 times per day. They soothe pain and reduce the swelling of the horrid lumps.

Hemorrhoid pain relief measures need your cooperation to do the treatments every day. Avoiding the contributing factors can also relieve you from hemorrhoids.

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