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A Gps Database And Fleet Tracking Software Helps Everyone Save Money

By: Tom Gruich

The use of a GPS database combined with appropriate fleet tracking software can be used by local governments and individual business owners to keep track of buses and other vehicles, while providing drivers with important information to safely speed up the trip. The technology pays for itself in the long run by reducing fuel usage, maintenance and the number of accidents.

A municipality might even need fewer buses if the routes are designed via computer, rather than by a human. The computer's memory can be filled with historical data concerning traffic patterns and accidents at specific times of the day. A person's memory cannot store all of that information.

Maps of the city can be easily uploaded, as can maps of the entire country. A single dispatcher can keep track of more vehicles and help drivers find an alternate route when necessary. Some of the fleet tracking software comes with built in maps and additional features concerning fuel usage, maintenance records, tire inflation and other safety information.

Today's GPS database for business owners and governments makes use of the same technology developed for military applications. The accuracy is unquestionable and the number of applications is practically unlimited.

Fleet tracking software can be used by owners of service vehicles to record information concerning the amount of time spent with customers and to verify the driver's route. One company reported a savings of $40,000 annually by reducing the amount of time wasted by drivers, either from being lost or simply from "hanging out". So, regardless of what the system costs, it will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

One of the more unique uses is in the area of auto finance. Vehicles can be easily located and recovered with discreet devices that the borrower will never be aware of. It makes repossessions safer for the drivers. The small dealership can rest easy about its ability to recover the vehicle if necessary.

Fleet tracking software equipped with a GPS database can be used to keep track of large inventories or a small group of buses. The more vehicles you have, the more your savings will be.

This kind of system has improved customer approval ratings for mass transit providers around the country, as the buses are on time, more of the time. Delivery and service providers find that their customers are better satisfied, too.

When you combine the improved customer relations with the cost savings, you will see that a GPS database is affordable and practically essential for any business or municipality.

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