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Diaper Changing Guide For Dads

By: Chris L B

As a new dad sooner or later it will be up to you to change that first dirty diaper. This guide is meant to provide advice for dads who have never changed a diaper.

The following guide is dad approved to help you conquer your first dirty diaper.

New Dad's Guide to Diaper Changing

  1. Will your wife be home soon? Consider waiting for her before tackling the dirty diaper. When asked, "Why didn't you change the diaper?" you can respond "I didn't even know she needed to be changed" or "I didn't think she was finished." Chances are you'll be stuck changing the diaper but at least you will have her ready to help. Be warned, if you use this tactic too much your wife will catch on, and you will pay.
  2. Survey the area. Smell does not always mean there is damage. The only way to confirm is with a visual inspection. Take a peak inside, maybe it is a false alarm!
  3. Get your supplies ready beforehand. Gather the diaper, wipes, and anything you need before starting. Flailing feet have a tendency of getting messy when a diaper is left open.
  4. Be careful when opening the diaper for the first time. When fresh air hits the privates it can cause babies to urinate again. This is very important when dealing with boys, but girls are very good and soaking you as well.
  5. With a handful of wipes mop up the mess. Make sure to get into every nook and cranny or else a sore rash can occur. Now is a good time to only breath through your mouth.
  6. Apply any powder or cream and assemble the fresh diaper.
  7. Wash your hands and pat yourself on the back and never brag about your success to your wife or else you will find your self changing every dirty diaper!

Congratulations, you just changed your first of many, many diapers!

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