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Dab Radio - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

By: Alex Dalgetty

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing a portable DAB radio, the foremost being the clear PURE quality of sound and the multiple functions.

You won't be getting the annoying hissing, crackling and interruptions whilst listening to your AM/FM radio as digital (DAB) radios have much improved sound quality and reception. Inside a house, a TV or home appliance such as a vacuum cleaner will affect the signal quality, digital radio doesn't have this problem because it has a computer in the receiver which calculates the signals coming in and gets rid of any distortions, so, effectively it just takes the main signal and deletes the other signals which could cause the interference.

If the door bell goes or you have to take a break and miss part of the programme you were listening to, with a digital radio you can pause and rewind just like with digital TV.

DID YOU KNOW: You can connect to the Internet and play literally thousands of stations from all over the world all through your digital radio?

There's an enormous choice of stations to listen to with DAB radios - with everything from sports to classical music, from current affairs to the latest political news, you name it, you will find it on a DAB Radio!

DID YOU KNOW: Many of the latest DAB radios also provide an iPod Dock which enables iPod owners to listen to their music through a DAB radio?

You can charge your iPod whilst you're listening to music or radio, which is extremely useful. You can also connect MP3 players to the radio and listen to tracks from your music library.

The latest Digital radios are much more user friendly than older radios and most come with a useful LCD screen that allows you to navigate the different menus and provides a visual display of your current station.

DID YOU KNOW: No more fiddling the tuning the station - you tune them in once (and MOST DAB radios will automatically do for you when you turn it on for the first time) and can then forget about it!

The LATEST digital radios are re-chargable so you don't have the expense and irritation of buying new batteries.

There is a HUGE interest in DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio these days, but do your research before buying as there are so many to choose from although you can't go far wrong if you stick with the PURE DAB Brand.

To summarise, If you enjoy listening to the radio and you want reliability and functionality, it is well worth investing in a digital radio.


This really means that you can use DAB radio in any weather conditions. It doesn't matter if there's a gale blowing or it's raining cats and dogs, the signal will be just as clear whatever it's like outside and it will also give the same quality signal if you are in a city or out in the country.

DID YOU KNOW: You can pause and rewind live radio?

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