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All You Have To Do Is Plug In

By: Ted Cuba

J. Paul Getty was a big believer in individual business. He had an oil company, Getty Oil Company. At one time, he was the richest man in the world. He wrote the book-left his memoirs, so to speak-in How To Be Rich.

Note, by the way, it's not get rich, it's be rich. That is a distinction that he notes. I'm passing it on. And it must have been the time he was living in, because it was in the late 1800s to the early 1920s, this era of influence. And oil was just becoming super, super prominent, with the automobile and everything.

He had to combat the industrial monoliths, megaliths, the big companies that were calling people from all corners of the world, really, but certainly all corners of the United States.

And this is what led to the urbanization part of the whole process, of course. This is what led to the urbanization of the U.S.-people coming from the country to the city to get a job.

He was opposed to it! He was saying, "You'll never get any real wealth unless you have your own business." He compared it one time to getting on a train. A man gets on a train when he joins a big company, and the train's going 60 miles an hour. But is the man going 60 miles an hour, or is the man sitting still on a train that's going 60 miles an hour?

In other words, who's really benefitting here, the company or the man? See, the company has fed us those lies for a long, long time. You've been through the recent economic shocks. A lot of companies have run off the tracks, have crashed, have derailed, have gone kaput overnight.

A lot of them have had fraudulent, deceptive, outright illegal, certainly insider good ol' boy multibillion-dollar bonuses, and trillions in bailouts. Living the lavish lifestyle they live, oh yeah! Now, who you think that system's built for-them or you?

You have to think like a rebel in a certain way. Every entrepreneur I know does. You have to have your own business. I'm assuming you're not gonna get involved in the political system, but I can tell you what-they set it up for them. All you have to do is plug in.

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