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A General Review Of Pioneer Portable Satellite Radios

By: Barry Andrews

Nonetheless, while the few disadvantages of these models are a shame, overall they still perform well enough to satisfy the normal consumer. As long as your needs aren't too extreme and your standards aren't too picky you're likely to enjoy a Pioneer portable satellite radio.

XM channel availability is excellent, and if that's where your primary needs are then you'll enjoy this line. The ear buds, while not outstanding, get the job done. The recording ability of Pioneer portable satellite radios in particular have earned praise for quality and general functionality. The scheduled recording abilities add a lot of flexibility in how customers use these radios.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks found are individually minor but numerous in quantity. The battery-holding mechanisms aren't always as sturdy as they should be, and repeated careless use can easily break the tabs. Reception without the separately purchased special headset can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, which really hurts its primary use. However, this appears to be primarily due to regional differences, and as such it's not necessarily the company's fault so much as it is a limitation of the technology.

There have also been numerous complaints about the battery life being poor, and even that these Pioneer radios will continue to use power when supposedly turned off. These are all easily fixed problems, and it's a shame that the company didn't take the time to smooth out all the wrinkles before producing the line. On the other hand, these issues don't necessarily interfere with the radios much when you know they're there to take them into account and work around them.

And for the price, these models offer quite reasonable functionality. While not perfect, they're definitely a decent buy for a casual consumer, and the unique recording-related benefits can prove extremely useful to some. It's up to you to decide if you fit into the Pioneer portable radio audience niche or not, obviously. You may want to test a model before buying, if possible, to see how the reception works for your area. This is generally recommended over buying any products unseen and simply hoping it works great!

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