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How Free Conference Call Services Work

By: Angela Wills

Many businesses have the need for conference calls. Whether you need to have a meeting with business partners or employees around the world, or you want to talk with several customers at once, a conference call service may be just what you need.

I Want To Learn How Free Conference Call Services Work

It is really very easy to get started. Many providers now offer free calling services. All you have to do is first find a provider that works well with your specific needs. Check to ensure that they offer free conference call services and sign up. You will first want to read all terms and conditions to see how they apply to you, if there are any hidden charges, and what is available to you when using the free option.

When learning how free services work, you will likely have a few restrictions to work around. For instance, one restriction that may be placed on the service is how many callers can call into the number provided to you. The number of callers allowed will depend on the service itself.

Another restriction may be how long you can hold your conference call. Some free conference call services may limit your call to a maximum of three hours, while others may be shorter or longer. Furthermore, it is important to understand that the time allotted will begin will the very first person calls into the number.

Now, in order to get the number to call, you will need to register with the provider. They will provide you with the number to dial in, as well as an access code that you should provide to your callers in order to access your conference. Now another thing that you should know is that the number will most likely not be a toll-free number. It might be a long distance number for your callers, which will mean that they incur long distance charges while in the conference.

Now that you know how these types of services work, you can start organizing your own calls. Use group calls to make business presentations to a group, to do group coaching, to teach a paid course and so many other ways. Conference calls are also a great way for a speaker to practice their talks before getting in front of a live, 'in person' crowd.

No matter what the need, free services are an excellent communication and business building feature for any company, large or small.

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