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3 Breakthrough Indie Rock Bands To Keep An Eye On In 2010

By: Marcy Parker

I love the power of the Internet. Thanks to music blogging and digital technology, it seems like just about everything is kept track of online. This is so different from the music culture of the 1990s that depended on MTV and magazines, not to mention radio stations that all played the same songs.

I'm a big indie rock lover as a result and I try to keep an eye on some of the bands that I believe will be the next thing. The earlier I can enjoy their music, the better. Besides, it also gives me the opportunity to see them live before they're huge, and I love seeing concerts in smaller venues. I feel closer to the bands this way.

Anyway, here are three indie rock bands that I'd suggest keeping an eye on in 2010. I would be surprised if any one of these three bands didn't end up making it big.

3. Mumford and Sons. Their debut release, Sigh No More, received critical acclaim in England but was just released here in late 2009. Still, it's a very fun listen as the band blends indie rock with bluegrass. The banjo playing gives this group an original sound.

2. Avi Buffalo. These indie rockers are very young, but extremely talented at that. Catchy hooks that blend classic pop with a modern sound make Avi Buffalo a fresh band to definitely keep an eye on next year.

1. Surfer Blood. I had the privilege of hearing a few songs from their upcoming debut release, and I can't wait to hear the rest. These guys hail from South Florida, and their sound is a blend of garage rock and lo-fi sounds. This is one of my favorite new bands out there, without a doubt.

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