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Biotechnological Plants - A Breakthrough In Technology

By: Anjali Goswami

Biotechnology is the technology developed from the combination of various divisions of science like agriculture, medicine, food science and biology. It mainly is concerned with cell culture and tissue culture that is commonly termed as Genetic Engineering. It derives knowledge from other disciplines of science including microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology and genetics. The concepts are used for the development and modification of living creatures to serve the varied purposes of mankind. Some processes include plant cultivation and animal domestication. Numerous varieties of plants are cultivated by applying hybridization, artificial selection and breeding.

Biotechnological plants majorly are engaged in production of active pharmaceutical drugs and products. This branch of science has contributed much to the manufacture of cheaper medicines using easy methods. It has enabled the production of medicines for treatment of human diseases using genetic engineering. Due to Biotechnological plant development, the world has been able to achieve a breakthrough in innovative medical therapies for diseases like cancers, Hepatitis C, Arthritis, Hepatitis B, Haemophilia, Multiple Sclerosis, and cardiovascular disorders.

In the area of food and agriculture, Biotechnological plants have rendered tremendous development of new and improved varieties of food and commercial crops. Besides increasing the crop yield, efforts have been made to produce crops that can withstand the biotic and abiotic stress and contain more proteins and other nutritional qualities. The spoilage process of fruits has been reduced and the ripening period enhanced while increasing the shelf life and quality of the fruits. Novel uses of a product are being discovered to gain optimal utility from each scarce product. For instance, oilseeds are modified and fatty acids produced as a result used for production of substitute fuels, detergents and petrochemicals. Study and research of genes contained in various crops and other living organisms have resulted in the discovery and invention of many products that are useful for human life.

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